Want to use a rattan chair for a long time? Don't do these things

Source:Wuyi Husen Leisure Products Co., Ltd., Publication time:2022-07-17

The rattan chair carries the youth and memories of the past generation, because the life of the rattan chair is very long, and it can accompany the age range from children to adults. Of course, being able to use it for such a long time is also people's daily care for it. If you want to use it for a long time, we need to pay attention to the following:

Rattan chairs are made of rough rattan with various rattan frames, and various chairs made of rattan, rattan, and rattan entanglement, including rattan stools, rattan circle chairs, and rattan chairs. The rocking chair rattan chair uses solid wood skeleton, outer weaving rattan core or rattan, and the relative craftsmanship and style are more gorgeous than traditional rattan utensils, such as twisted rattan armchair and orchid chair.

The rattan chair is light and generous, and those finely woven rattans are simple and refreshing. People are tired of the hustle and bustle of the modern city, and are increasingly aware of the invaluable value of returning to nature. They are eager to be intimately integrated with nature, to arrange a living room full of rural atmosphere, and to give themselves another living experience.

Want to use a rattan chair for a long time? Don't do these things

1. Pay attention to the sunshade: the ultraviolet rays on the balcony will make the rattan chair brittle, and prolonged exposure will make the white rattan furniture sofa yellow, the brown red shiny red rattan furniture sofa partially fade, and the expensive bamboo rattan furniture sofa will dry out. Loose and disengage.

2. Avoid dampness: The advantage of rattan chair is that it will be fixed to its original shape after being deformed by moisture, and it will return to its original shape and size after being blow-dried or over-dried.

3. Maintain ventilation: The rattan chair can absorb a certain amount of moisture. However, if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose in structure, drooping on the surface, and the woven mesh will easily cause mold spots.

4. Avoid close to fire and heat sources: The radiators for heating in winter are the enemy of rattan chairs. The rattan close to the area is already dry and brittle, the toughness is difficult, and it is difficult to recover after sitting. Be sure to put on a thermal pad.

The rattan chair is light and flexible, and its better physical properties make it enduringly popular in the years. If maintained, a rattan chair can be used for 10 to 20 years. Therefore, the life of rattan chairs is very long, but there are also places to be afraid of rattan chairs. They are afraid of water, fire, high temperature, etc. You can enjoy the comfort brought by rattan chairs for a long time only by careful maintenance. .