Two tips to teach you the right choice of outdoor furniture

Source:Wuyi Husen Leisure Products Co., Ltd., Publication time:2022-09-16

The design style of outdoor furniture can be divided into traditional style, antique style, post-ancient style, natural style and mixed style. Many people have mixed styles. At first, my mashup style was unsatisfactory. After understanding the style and material selection, when choosing furniture, you can determine the material according to the entire decoration style, and then choose your favorite product from the beginning.

Balconies and roofs are more closely related to home decoration. Outdoor furniture must conform to its original style in order to achieve complementary effects.

The materials are mainly metal, wood, rattan, plastic, etc. Several materials have advantages. You can start with the placement and choose according to your needs.

If the furniture is placed on a soft lawn, you can choose from the placements as needed. Cork furniture absorbs moisture and causes structural damage. If it is hard gas, you can choose furniture with cork structure. The outdoor activity area has no parasols and is directly exposed to the sun. Iron furniture is more resistant to sunlight than wood furniture. Plastic outdoor furniture can be a good choice in the city centre, often wet and rainy.